Simple administration

Easy and central access to all courses for all users.
Providing content only takes a few minutes.

Web and app

RETTERAcademy can be accessed from any PC or mobile device. We enable learning from the comfort of your couch – perfect for pandemic times.


The logo, color, and your content can be customized. They can be easily adapted to the appearance and the style of the organization.

RETTERAcademy advantages

Easy setup

Design your individual e-learning platform with your own courses for your aid organization with just a few clicks.

Reusable course content

All course content created can be reused at a later time. This avoids having to repeat the maintenance steps.

Fast publication

Publish your courses with just a few mouse clicks.

Great benefits 

Create e-learning content, courses on vehicle science, tutorials or similar content on your own platform.


Design the academy according to your wishes. The logo, the color scheme, and the content are all customizable.

Certificates and quizzes 

A customized certificate or a short quiz can be added to any course.

Personal support

We are happy to help you set up your first RETTERAcademy course.

Also available as an app

Learning from the comfort of your couch – perfect for pandemic times. RETTERAcademy is also available as an iOS and Android app.

Fast provision

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